Projects for our Precious Planet

Construction / Vegan ,Healthcare, Energy and Art shop. 

ECO4 Parkhome is our Insulation Project for Parkhomes

UK Government backed scheme to provide Insulation, Heating and Solar Panels. 
If you are on Benefits and have No Mains Gas these are supplied FREE.
Visit our Energy ECO4 page for terms and conditions and for how to apply.

Home in a Dome

A New Way to Build

Home in a Dome uses geodesic dome technology to build homes and other buildings including leisure facilities, manufacturing plants and stadiums. Complete with a wall cavity ideal for insulating with hemp wool. Most definitely not a green house.

Vegan Eco Village UK is our vegan brand

Sustainable communities for vegans

We are looking to build sustainable communities for vegans using Home in a Dome technology.

Medipoint Health Pharm is our Pharmacy Treatment Room Project

Kick out the shampoo and let us build you a treatment room

Pharmacy is being encouraged to take on a more proactive role in the community. Supermarkets are selling shampoo so why not kick it out and similar products and use the space for a treatment room.


Medipoint Kiosk is our Interactive Information System for Patients

Take all the info from paper leaflets and transfer to a MediPoint Kiosk

Touch screens have become the acceptable user friendly way to provide information.

Medipoint Practitioner Locator Service is our health care professional locator initiative for Pharmacies to locate professionals to work in Pharmacy based Treatment Rooms.

Health care Professionals get to work in the community with high footfall in a safe Pharmacy environment and more cost effective than renting a stand-alone premisses.

Maintenance Free is our Project to manufacture building materials using Recycled Plastic.

The Sea is becoming Saturated with waste plastic. What to do? Process the plastic and turn it into Maintenance Free building materials.

Pro Recycle is our project to process waste plastic from the Sea.

The plastic in the Sea can be recycled and re-manufactured into building materials by Pro Recycle.

Saltcrate is our energy brand

Saltcrate will use saltwater to produce electricity

We are looking to use materials which are plentiful in supply to build a saltwater based generator to produce electricity.

Water Generator is one of our Energy brands

Aluminium reacts with Water to produce Hydrogen which is fed to an LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) generator.

Save The Sea is our project to carefully remove waste plastic from the Sea.

Waste plastic can be processed and re-manufactured into useful building materials.

Sasika Design Artist Shop is one of our Art brands

Clothes, Accessories and Homeware.

Sweet Relief Artist Shop is one of our Art brands

Accessories, Clothes and Homeware.

Telepathic Tim is one of our Art brands

Accessories, Clothing, Homeware and Books.

Contact us

Telephone: 0800 988 2388



California Country Park Homes, 

Nine Mile Ride, 





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After turning off Nine Mile Ride you will see a barrier on the left-hand side. The number for the electric barrier is 2145. Proceed into California Country Park Homes driving straight ahead. You will find Number 66 approximately 300 metres on right-hand side being a white home with a geodesic dome at the end of the plot. Please call before visiting on either 0800 988 2388 or 07411 958321. Look forward to seeing you. On leaving you will not need to put code into barrier system. Take care. Regards Michael Hall Projects Manager.